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Thank you for your Interest in IGGnite DNA!

This case intake form is intended for law enforcement agencies who would like more information regarding our FIGG services. Please complete the following form to provide our team with initial case information.

Thank you for your interest in IGGnite DNA!

Please complete the following form providing as much information as possible for our genetic genealogists. A member of our team will be in touch soon!  

This submission form is not for a birth parent or sibling of an individual given up for adoption or separated from the birth family in any other way.  We are unable to help birth parents and the children of birth parents in finding unknown adoptees or siblings relinquished to adoption with a traditional DNA / Search.

Genetic Genealogy Services

Genetic genealogy combines DNA testing and traditional genealogical research methods to identify biological relationships between individuals, connect distant family members and provide information related to a person’s ancestry. Genetic genealogists can also evaluate DNA test results and examine historical records to help adoptees find biological family members or answer questions about paternity/misattributed parentage.

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Autosomal DNA testing is a necessary step for genetic genealogy!

While we encourage and support the use of any and all DNA testing companies, we have found that searches without an AncestryDNA test may delay progress and ultimately cost you more time and money.

How to download your DNA raw data file

Uploading your raw data to GEDmatch allows you to connect to people who may have tested with other companies.

How to upload your DNA raw data file to GEDmatch

If you’re interested in our help with your research, please complete our GG Client Form and one of our team members will be in touch!

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Nancy recently consulted in a project for KYA (Know Your Ancestors) podcast. Her genetic genealogy skills were essential in helping this young woman connect the dots with her biological family.


Most interesting of all? Her biological mom and biological dad lived next door to each other for over a year when they were young!

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy Services

Forensic investigative genetic genealogy is a cutting-edge technique that can assist law enforcement by providing investigative leads for cases involving unidentified human remains or other violent crimes. The process requires extensive experience with traditional genealogical research and an in-depth knowledge of genetics and DNA inheritance patterns.

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Rest in Peace Tabetha. The coroner's office attempted every method possible over the years and never gave up hope of making the identification. Investigative Genetic Genealogy finally cracked the code. So thankful that IGGnite DNA, LLC was able to assist in her journey back home to her family.

Allen County Coroner’s Office gives update in 1992 death investigation

Who We Are

IGGnite DNA, LLC, is a women-owned small business that offers Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) services to law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation of cold cases, homicides, violent crimes, sexual assault cases and unidentified remains. IGGnite DNA, LLC also provides Genetic Genealogy (GG) consulting services to individuals and adoptees searching for family members or seeking answers to questions related to their ancestry.

Our founding members are dedicated and experienced genealogists and scientists with diverse backgrounds in unknown parentage cases, biological research, forensic science, cold case investigations and courtroom testimony. All of our genealogists have completed the graduate certificate program in Forensic Genetic Genealogy from the University of New Haven. We have also trained with the DNA Doe Project and continue to offer our services as volunteers. Due to the sensitive nature of FIGG work, each member of the team has undergone background checks.

Our goal at IGGnite DNA, LLC, is not only to spark new investigative leads but to ensure that best practices and industry guidelines are followed. This includes strictly adhering to all confidentiality agreements, direct-to-consumer database Terms of Service (TOS) and the Department of Justice Interim Policy. Our mission is to ethically and legally apply the powerful tool of FIGG to the thousands of cases waiting to be solved.

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Our Team

What We Do

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Case Consultation
  • No Fee
  • Assessment of case information
  • Biological sample(s) source evaluation
  • Review of guidelines, applicable laws/policies to ensure case meets eligibility requirements
Coordinate Lab Services
  • Creation of customized lab plan
  • Coordination of sample shipment to lab(s)
  • Review of QC and sample data
  • Bioinformatics (contracted with a 3rd party provider)
  • Assistance with upload to GEDmatch and/or FTDNA
  • Evaluation of genetic match data
  • Genealogical research and establishing a genetic network
  • Preparation of case status reports
  • Identification of potential target testers or candidates
Final Report
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report including, but not limited to, a summary of research findings and documented sources

Genetic Genealogy

Case Review
  • No Fee
  • Assessment of initial case information provided in GG client form
Information Gathering
  • Initial meeting with client to identify needs, define goals and expectations, determine timeline and budget
  • Collection of additional family history and previous genealogical research data (if available)
Genetic Genealogy
  • Genealogical research and establishment of a genetic network
  • Assistance with upload to GEDmatch, FTDNA or other DTC databases (optional but may be recommended)
  • Identification of potential target testers
  • Regular case status updates
Final Report
  • Preparation of a final product that may include a comprehensive report, gedcom file (family tree) and/or summary of research findings with documented sources

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